About Us

Welcome to Minnesota Women's Cricket (MWC), where passion meets empowerment on the cricket pitch! Operating as a non-profit cricket club under the auspices of the Minnesota Cricket Association (MCA) and the United States of America Cricket (UsaCricket), we are dedicated to fostering a vibrant community of women and girls in cricket, aged 12 and above. In recent years, we've witnessed significant growth in women's and girl's cricket in the USA and Minnesota, and MWC has played a crucial role in driving this advancement. Our club organizes regular training sessions, coaching programs, and practice matches to enhance the skills and knowledge of our members. With a surge of interest in cricket in Minnesota, MWC became the central region's focal point and established the Minnesota Monarchs team. Comprising players from Minnesota, the Minnesota Monarchs embarked on an exhilarating journey to compete against other teams in the central region.

Board Members

President: Kalaivani Gunasekaran
Vice President: Crystal Zins
Secretary: Srujana Anishetty
Treasurer: Jeevitha Gunasekaran
Coach: Charles Peterson
Director: Shantal Stewart
Director: Nivitha Praveen